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Based in Florida, METAL MAGIC FABRICATION LLC is a leading aluminum manufacturer whose goods are widely accepted across industries, including minerals, chemicals, architectural, aviation, electronics, transportation, and machinery, among others. We have established ourselves as an undisputed industry leader due to our dedication to cutting-edge manufacturing methods, R&D, quality assurance, and continual training for our staff. Our company's aluminum production facilities cover a wide range of activities, including bauxite mining, alumina refining, coal mining, captive power plants, aluminum smelting, downstream rolling, extrusions, and foil production.

Major products manufactured in our production unit are aluminum wire, cylindrical and flat-shaped ingots, elongated dome frame, foil and packaging, honeycomb aluminum panel, junction box, primary aluminum, primary casting alloys, raw aluminum, aluminum pipe, aluminum profile for tile, aluminum water tank, aluminum welding wire, aluminum alloy and case, aluminum utensils and more. These products are made using premium raw material with cutting-edge technology, per the set industry standards, ensuring precision, optimum performance and customer satisfaction. Our products have a good reputation in the industry for dependability, longevity, and corrosion resistance. The usage of smart technology helps us bring down water and energy consumption, taking us one step closer to our vision of sustainability and going green.

We put customers’ interest first and have a very capable and professional team who is dedicated to work with them to achieve their goals and keep exceeding their expectations. We have a fully functional service system and production chain. The processing tools used in the manufacturing chain include cutting machines, bending machines, punches, water jet cutters, polishers, shearing machine, drawing tables, and others. Strict manufacturing inspections are performed on every product. High-quality steel goods and the greatest customer service are our top priorities. For all you aluminum-related needs, you can visit or call us at 689-205-8414.

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How aluminum Is Produced

Since aluminum is not found in its pure form in nature, it is produced using electricity -- the method that was developed in 1886 and is still in use. A number of steps are involved in producing the top-grade level of aluminum.


This is the very first step in aluminum production. This aluminum-rich rock contains the metal in the form of hydro-oxide. The tropical belt is home to the majority of the world's bauxite reserves—about 90%.


With a minimal amount of water, bauxite is crushed, dried, and processed in mills. The thick material that results is collected in a vessel and cooked with steam to largely separate the silicon present in the bauxites.


In baths filled with molten cryolite at the aluminum factory, alumina is poured at a temperature of 950 ⁰S. A 400 kA or greater electric current is run through the solution, breaking the connection between the oxygen and aluminum atoms, causing the metal to condense in liquid form at the bottom of the bath.


The next step involves primary aluminum being cast into ingots and delivered to consumers. It may also be further used for producing aluminum alloys for different purposes.


By pouring metal into molds, cast aluminum alloys are used to create finished products. Simultaneously, other additives like silicon, copper, and magnesium are added to the alloy in order to give it the desired qualities. A few examples of the products made from such alloys are wheels or engine components for automobiles and aircraft.


Since aluminum does not corrode, unlike iron, goods made from it may be smelted and the resulting metal utilized indefinitely. Just 5% of the energy needed to produce aluminum is used in the processing of the metal.


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We have responsible workforce that is approachable and possess a problem-solving attitude. You can discuss your ideas and perspective with them to give them a clear picture of your expectations. They will be totally involved in the project and work hand in hand with you at every step.


As soon as you hire us, we assign you a Personal Manger, who is in charge of contract-signing and the whole manufacturing process. Our technically sound and experienced team member then becomes your sole contact point. They maintain regular communication with you throughout the project life-cycle.

Non-Standard Products

Our product quality and services at par with the latest industry standards. We fabricate metal structures based on non-standard type designs. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we can now easily create practically any form of non-standard metal construction.

Quality control

To make sure that we deliver the highest-quality products, we use primary aluminum for alloying. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of core manufacturing and dies levels. All the products we manufacture undergo various checks to make them safe to use, reliable and durable.

Certified Products

We provide quality certificates for all steel structures and materials that you buy from us. The certificates issued are in accordance with the current requirements of customers and technical documentation.

Modern equipment

We offer end-to-end solutions from die design to product development and on-time delivery. This is done with the help of our advanced machines and tools, as they allow us to achieve precision, speeding up the whole manufacturing process. .

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